Owner’s and Installer’s Responsibilities

STOP! Have you checked or replaced the following? Radiator, water pump, thermostat, belts, hoses, fan and coolant temperature sensors, exhaust system and catalytic converter, oil pump, oil cooler and lines, oil pump pick up screen, torque converter, transmission and related components, distributor and or related timing pick-ups, modules, oxygen sensors, fuel filters, EGR valves, fuel regulators, etc.

This is not an unconditional warranty against all hazards and failures. The products distributed by Promar are warranted to the Original installing dealer and vehicle owner against defects in parts or factory workmanship.

This is a non-transferable warranty unless Promar’s Customer Service Department is notified in writing and the vehicle is in service for no longer than twelve months and the fee set forth below is paid with all transfer information properly completed.



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